Fast track to a 5 speed

Well, the ATX is starting to slip. We noticed that the cover plate for the ATX filter was loose and leaking a steady stream of fluid. It’s time for a filter change anyway and I’m getting some Royal Purple Max ATF as well. I probably have a few thousand more miles before it really goes. With a new job at the Apple Store thats 15 minuets from where I live, and Melinda’s trusty Mitsubishi Mirage as a beater, I think I can let Nova rest and baby out this issue. But, as nick said, time for an upgrade!

So my request to my fellow tuners is this. KEEP YOUR EYES OUT FOR PARTS! I potentially have a transmission and axles covered, so no worries about that. Nick your parts list is going to be invaluable. But if anyone knows a good junkyard and can scout the other parts, I trust your judgment. Mainly I wanted some help understand what I should upgrade (flywheel, clutch, etc). The specific part I wanted people to keep an eye out for is the brake and clutch cylinders off an S/R, so I can loose the residual pressure from my drum system, so my new disk system doesn’t eat up pads.

Thanks everyone!

I have never had problems with my master cylinders, or the rear brakes. as for parts to buy. Spec clutch and flywheel, also a phantom grip LSD. Check to see if the diff in the trani needs welded or replaced. last but not lease if you can find a steel braided clutch line.

I’m heading to the J/Y tomorrow. I will keep an eye out for the S/R brake/clutch master cylinder and for an EGT one (you can use the EGT as well I believe).

Thanks people!

hell if a EGT will work, I can pull you one for a cheep price at my local yard… it just might be a couple weeks do to the fact that I am moving.

Cool! I’ll wait. I might be able to milk this transmission for a bit longer.

I went to the J/Y looking for slider mounts for my MX3 seats (long story) and was unable to find anything there. There was 1 MX3, naturally the seats were gone. I also looked for either an S/R or a EGT and neither were there. They only had LX’s and no ZX2’s.

Ok. Thanks for the update. As for me, the switch to Royal Purple fluid is done. Shifting from 1st to 2nd cleared up a bit, still lags going from 2nd to 3rd. I have be promised a MTX and all the necessary parts for the swap, minus the brake/clutch master cylinder system. I’m going to have the transmission rebuilt, and am currently debating if I’m going to have the gears resized. I know at least a Spec 3 clutch and a lightweight flywheel, but about that LSD…

Is it just hard to find or just expensive?

LSD… OK what kind of driving are you doing? if your dragin then you can role with a phantom and call it a day. If your road racing then you can spring for the quafe out of a 91 protege. it will require custom drive lines. the phantom grip will also do fine for roadracing, it will be basicaly the same as your stock set up but a hole lot stronger. Let me know if you need the quafe, I can probably get you a good deal.

Well, you would be the most recent person in a long line of people who have recommended the Phantom as the best. I want to upgrade this tranny and install it and be done with it, so I think I’m just gonna have to save for the best.

Ok, near the bottom of this page is part for the escort, but does that mean our car? When the ZX2 came around the escort was no longer produced right?

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Also, are the flywheels that come with the spec clutches lightweight, or is that going to be a separate purchase?

Plus there is this

[url=,%20Mercury#] ... 20Mercury#[/url]

right there is the ZX2 one, did I find it? Add all this with the custom axles from Rob (cuz the ones from the parts car are shot) and I think I’m good to go.

When the ZX2 came around the escort was no longer produced right?

incorrect! The escort was still produced till 2002. Then it went to fleet vehicle only production from what I have been told, then eventually gone.

as far as the clutch parts you need. I’ll let someone else answer. My modding madness hasn’t gone that far yet.

For the LSD it actually says note:ZX2 so that I’m certain of. Just that clutch I need to pin down.

So how many miles did you get out of that automatic?..I got 155,000 out of my manual trans just before turboing …hehehehe

Its at 92k right now.