Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

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The trailer looks allright, I wonder how the movie is going to be…

I’m going for the cars. I’m not too concerned with the story.

Doubt I’ll see it.

another motorsport hollywood has fucked up and now ricers will be into ruining more cars even tho they dont underastand the basic points of dirfitng and every redneck grit boy thinks just cause his mustang is rwd he can drift too … even tho the basic point of drifitng is to take a small under powered vehicle to start with … sorry for the rant its not a good day and im cranky

If you want to Drift, by all means. Why not use a mustang? Is it because you say the “Basic Point” is to use a small under powered car? I don’t think so. In Japan and the US they use high powered Supras and Skylines to drift. Ford is trying to sell the new Mustang by getting it into more Japanese Races in hopes of creating a demand for the vehicle in a market dominated by Japanese cars.

I understand your gripe, but also realize “It’s just a movie, nothing more.” It’s just entertainment; entertainment isn’t required to be factual.

i know im just having a bad day … and the mustang thing… any idiot thinks that they can get in there car mash the go pedal and they are drifting

Bites that it’s so terrible Paulie won’t show up again. I’d see it if he were in it still, but I guess I’ll just rent it to watch stuff blow up and crash.

  • Darron

Paul Walker wasn’t a good actor. I’m hoping a better performance from this new guy. The storyline will problably still suck though…lol!

as long as there is a female in it im good… lol… i get tired of seein just guys… oh and btw pics are coming SOON i promise… its been raining all the time and my car is muddy… no need to see under the hood tho b.c its stock… lol… but i’ll post it anyways… oh any hkszx2 chill lol… its a movie… all they care about is how much money it brings in… not the reality of it… do i have to put you in time out?? TAKE A NAP lol… jk…

Yeah he’s not the best actor…but why have an incredibly talented actor if the story’s gonna suck?

  • Darron
:lol: It's funny because true!

It’s a car culture movie… I’m up for it… bothers me when they do stupid crap though… like downshift from 5th to 3rd to speed up in a straight line… LOL… but I’m sure it will be cool… my friend as 250sx that has been stripped to only 1900 lbs… and its a stock motor… but it drifts better than just about anything I’ve ever been around, lol.

Don’t you mean 240sx?

of course, duh… I guess I need to learn to type numbers right, o wel… at least didn’t say 300, and mix up 2 completely different cars… lol