Famous words from owning your....


“CRAP! Stupid linkage is going out again. Guess I’ll put another washer in it.”
“I knew I shouldn’t have dumped the clutch, there goes the spider gears.”
“It’s cool, I can upgrade my intake and get another 3hp from removing my resonators!”
“Upgrade your brakes, you can just get discs for the back!”
“Yeah it’s an easy mod. Just disconnect the striped wire and it disables the governor. Instant 20+mph!”
“I wish my gas meter would work. OH the light came on, ok i can go fill up now.”
“I thought this was a universal kit. My fan doesn’t work now…”


“There goes another door handle. Who makes the innards of a door handle out of POT METAL? WTF?”
“A new timing belt every 3 years? Really?”
“Oh don’t worry, that really bad rattling sound is just the torque tube, it’s normal.”
“Oh that light will come on, here hang on a sec tap the dash See.”
“I’m sorry officer, you say my tail light is out? You sure? OH I bet the wiring harness came loose again, hang on…”
“Yeah that ticking noise is normal, stupid hydraulic lifters, give it 5 minutes and the sound will go away… See?”
“Thunk noise? That’s not good. You’re clutch will be gone in a few days.”


“My car isn’t starting. OH nevermind, was a vacuum leak.”
“My car isn’t getting gas… OH nevermind, vacuum leak, wasn’t hitting the metering plate to turn on the pump.”
“My car isn’t mixing fuel right… OH nevermind, vacuum leak…”
“Ah the stupid car isn’t working, it’s just sputtering. OH nevermind, vacuum leak…”
“Hmmm i’m losing a lot of power. OH Nevermind, vacuum leak. Wait, no it’s not, it’s just a 2.0 litre engine.”


“No, nothing is wrong with my bike, that rattling is the clutch. YES, trust me, it is.”

couldn’t stop laughing over the 924 stuff!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . I smell job security!

more for the zx2:
tranny swap? easy just solder 3 wires and leave the rest unhooked

…yeah it was running rough so i just unplugged the knock sensor…

don’t buy ford parts, go to the mazda dealer. it’s cheaper…

OMG!! factory armrest!! I’ll give you $150 for it, is that enough?

sooo many more i can think of…