factory battery

mine took a dump, and its only 3 years old. i have NO power acessories, no aftermarket crap, but 2 days after i bought the car, the battery took a nosedive. and its not like it diec trying to start, it died before i even started it. that evening, i go to start the car, and the lights came on bright and evereything, then suddenly the lights went out, and wouldnt crank. about a minute later, they come on bright as a day, goto crank it and it dies again. checked the terminals, they were good. so i tried to charge it with the charger, and it wouldnt take the charge. i switched batteries, problem solved.

anyone else run into a bad battery?

That sounds more like a problem with the alternator or starter… but I could be wrong

i had a simular prob. it was my neg. terminal i swaped it out and never had a prob again

same with mine

i had checked the alternator & even did a load test on the batt prior to buying it.

i at first thought it was the terminals (i see these terminals go bad all the time at my shop, nothing new to me) but i removed & cleaned them and still the same issue.

its been almost 2 weeks and no issues so far.