Fabled Dynamic Suspensions ZX2 Rear sway bar NIB

I have the rear sway bar from the Ford Racing/Dynamic Suspensions inverted coilover suspension kit, if anyone is interested. I have had the coilover set on my old '92 Scort GT for many miles, but since the bar was made for a ZX2 and not my GT, it’s been sitting in a closet for years. It is as perfect as the day I received it, and I even have the original box.

Please, pardon the cats. They love boxes. hehehehehe

Prefer Paypal for security for all concerned. $275 to continental US

Thanks, gang.


Sorry 'bout the pics, my friends. I saved the picture files to the post, but must not have done so correctly. If anyone can post them for me, or help, I’d be happy to E-mail them.

The sway bar should fit the egt, I have an egt sway on my zx2. Wanna sell the whole setup? Specs on the bar(diameter, etc) My email addy is ledzeppelin28021@hotmail.com if you wanna email me pics I’ll post them up for ya.

Thanks, your Mellowness. :wink: I have zapped you the pics, if you’d like to post them.

As for the full kit, I love it, and wouldn’t part with it. It has been an amazingly good set-up. I am running 325# front springs and 500# rears, with inverted coilovers, Volk TE-37s, a modified MX-3 V6 15.0:1 steering rack, and a host of other mods. It’s been one helluva toy at 327,000 miles and counting. Runs neck’n’neck with my buddies Audi S4, and is as reliable as the day is long. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

As I recall,the bar is a 19mm, whereas I run an ST set, which gives me a larger rear bar. My set-up is probably a bit tail-happy for some, but for me, I couldn’t be happier.

Hope that helps, gang.

Thank you, again, Mellow.


I’d really like the full setup should you ever sell it:)
As to the rear sway’s diameter are you sure it’s only a 19? The EGT and wagons of the second gen have a solid 21. Info on how the D-bushings work? They’re interesting to say the least






i have a used set of dynamic coilovers… one of the struts needs rebuilding but they are all there and intact. i was going to have them rebuilt by progress but i’ve decided not to, so make me a reasonable offer and they’re yours.


got any pics rob? are the springs and top hat thingys there?

no pics but yes everything is there just as they came off the s/r they were on.


ok if you could get me some pics that’d be awesome. Any idea of mileage on them? I guess I need to check into how much shock rebuilds cost