F/S 2000 Zx2 and 93 Mazda Mx-6

2 cars for 1 price. My zx2 and my Mx-6.

First car:

Year, Make and Model of Car? ; 2000 Ford Escort ZX2
Mileage? ; 121k
What is your name? : Fuzzy
What is your Email Address? : [email:7l95hoyf]OGreaTFuzzY1@aol.com[/email:7l95hoyf]
What is your Phone number/AIM Screenname? : Look above for S/N
What is your City? : Cincinnati/ New Richmond
What is your State? : Ohio
What is your Zip code? : 45157

Exterior Specs:

Custom Evo 2 front bumper with Celica GT bumper vent molded in. bumper bolt right up with no issues, Custom Shogun side skirts vents by rear wheel shaved all molded in and supported, Evo 2 Rear molded in, Custom metal Z3 fenders, Custom made metal bumper support, Invader carbon fiber hood x2 (1 hood is for DD and the other i was gonna repair paint on the sides for shows), Stock painted hood with washers shaved(didn’t want to drill holes in the carbon hoods), Windshield washers installed on the washer blade arms, Shaved emblems, Shaved Antenna, Shaved rear Reflector, Shaved spoiler, Shaved trunk keyhole, Altezzas chrome tail lights, 17" Gunmetal rims with Ling Long run flats all season sport tires with idk prob 80-90% tread left(Made like toyos and handle super nice in rain), painted green calipers and drums. Car repainted in a metallic black with pearl paint alone coasted 2k, New brake pads all the way around, New dual wiper blades.

Interior specs:

Green painted interior pieces, Celica GT front racing seats, Rear Zx2 S/r charcoal seats, Automatic carbon look like shifter, Aftermarket cluster overlay.  Also comes with 2 10" fusion subs with 600watt fusion amp and a 15" fusion sub not installed. Fully cleaned even carpet was taken out and hand washed. Also have a rare set of clear tinted control knobs already drilled for leds never installed in the car. It has the stock stereo with 5 disc cd changer.  

Engine bay:

2.0 Zetec engine, Weapon R intake, Strut bar, Spark plug cover, Blue Spark plug wires. Focus header not installed(was gonna use for a turbo build).

Comes with 2 sets of stock seats( the front set of S/r seats with zx2 stitching and a full set that was in the car when i bought it both charcoal). Stock tail lights, Stock intake, Plus more that I prob can’t think of. This was my show car, But I’m tired of it.









Things it need:

It needs a new tranny I was going to put a Mtx in this spring, Windows need re-tinted, Needs system installed(already built the fake floor in the trunk for the 15" and the box for the 2 10" subs facing into the cabin). I'll be throwing in mesh, fog lights and fixing the coolant problem it has. Will need to be towed. The only bad spot on the car is on the truck lid where it looks like someone slammed my trunk lid way to fuckin hard or fucked it up with a flat head screw driver where the reflector is. the crack is only 3 inches long if that, cant hardly see it unless u really look, will be throwing in enough paint for the buyer to fix the spot and re-paint the trunk if they wish to or just spot paint.

Second car:

Year, Make and Model of Car? ; 1993 Mazda Mx-6 Ls
Mileage? ; 200k

Exterior Specs:

Stock with "flower" rims, 4 Disc brakes, Car repainted from red to green, A few dints from over the years power antenna.

Interior specs:

Stock leather grey interior(front seats worn out), With new shifter boot and knob, All power options(doors Driver seat, roof), Will be installing 7" jensen in-dash screen and 3 12" Fusion subs with a 1200 watt fusion amp. Also will be installing cloth seats if there not gone from the junk yard.

Engine bay:

Stock, cleaned with a red top battery.

Photos(when I bought it):





This car has been unmolested except for the stereo and maybe the seats and interior if i can get the cloth seats and find black interior.

Selling both cars together for 8g’s spring time, 7g’s now firm(1g less so buyer can Finish the zx2. Tranny swap around 400, fix trunk 300, re-tint windows 100, install system around 100 this is based if you can do it all yourself)

Willing to trade for another car plus cash. Will not go lower then 7000 bucks and will not part out. Will be placing this on other sites that I’m on and craigslist.

emailing me about them is the best way to get ahold of me i wont be on the web much for right now