F*&*NG HUMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God damn, fucking HUMMERS!!! H2s specifically. I get run off the road by some stupid ass bitch who decides he wants to get on the southbound instead of the northbound, cuts me off, can’t accelerate his lame ass wanna be military ride fast enough and forces me to brake so hard I go flying into a construction zone (thankfully no body in that area) and take out a couple of cones, which just rips my front plate off, cracks one of my headlights, destroys my center fog lights and now I’m hearing a thump thump sound coming from the passenger side of the car. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :cry:

Ok ok. Seriously. How much damage can a cone do going at 70 mph or so? One scratched up my down pipe, thankfully its the stock one, and as for the thump sound I did skid pretty hard on that side. So maybe its just a small section where the rubber was worn flat and should right it self? Damn. I plan to get it aligned after my eibach and tokio install which is gonna happen much sooner thanks to this. What should I look out for? You know besides


damn that sucks. I got your IM this morning when I woke up. It almost sounds like a flat spot. I would ride the car around a few days and see if it disappears. If it doesnt then it something more serious, but im not sure what other then CV joint?

You get the license plate?

Its been recommended that if the thump sound causing a wheel hop that I’d better get the tire replaced. I can her it at low speeds, so I may just have to get a new set of front tires. :x I’ve been thinking, if the hop isn’t visualy noticeable, then I may be able to ride it out.

Did you get the guys plate? I would have called the cops and filed a police report after I chased him down to get his plates. let his Insurance company pay for it. Anyways that sucks dude. Also I hate Hummers. The biggest too vehicles known to man. Seriously they are dumb.

I didn’t get his plate. I was too busy trying to relax and then find MY plate to think about chasing him down. I think I’ll just start pwning every hummer I find in Silver Lake. :evil:

I heard Rocket Launchers work pretty well.


Nice Chris. That sucks Darth. People are so retarded…did they at least signal or just go flying into the great beyond in front of you? I hate people…

  • Darron

Check your lug nuts while you are down looking at everything.

son of a bitch! I hate stupidass people like that!

Well that depends. It is entirely possible that you broke a belt in the tire which would cause unwanted noise in the tire, or you just flat spotted it. If you just flat spotted it you can get away with just running the flat spot out of the tire. A broken belt will require replacement of the tire.

You can tell if a belt is busted by looking at the tire off the ground. Look and see if there is a bulge / pimple on the tire. It would look obvious, almost cancerous.

It did cross my mind to just let myself hit the other guy. But I think Hummer VS. Scort would end up in my having many more issues than a banged up front. I actually ended up spinning around once I was in the construction zone. By then I needed a minuet or two to calm down. Noticing other cars zipping down the freeway though didn’t encourage me to stay put and and call a cop. I saw my plate sitting near the curb a few feet away, snatched that up.

Nope, nada. As for his plate you’d think I’d catch it with his ass all up in my windshield, but I was more focused on not loosing control. Sadly in CA you have to be at the scene to file a report, so as far as that goes I’m screwed.

My dad and I pulled the tires off this morning. The lugs and threads were ok, no issues getting the tires off and on again. The passenger side was the worst, theres a 2 inch bald spot on the inside of the tire, effecting only a quarter of the surface of the tire. The rest is still ok. Dad thinks it will not be that big of a safety issue since 3/4 of that area wasn’t effected. I don’t know how the inside got marked up instead of the outside, but hey. We rotated them to the back, so at least I don’t have oddly worn tires effecting my steering.

H2’s and H3’s are all posers. If you get a Hummer get the real thing. Those other H’s are just shit.

Amen to that.

I agree…but the H3 is as bad a “poser” as the H2. It’s actually quite capable. That being said, I’d rather have a Hummvee. :smiley:

  • Darron

no you wouldn’t…the civilian ones have much much better suspension system, way more comfortable seats, and real doors…The real deal is the second most uncomfortable vehicle I’ve ever ridden in…

The real deal is the second most uncomfortable vehicle I've ever ridden in...

Put me down for a Humvee.