alright guys… i know… im slacking on posts… but things have been changing rapidly for me and finally gettin to a good point… time for some Mods… YAY! lol… :smiley: i want a rice pipe… lol… sounds bad i know… but i dont want it to sound like a weed eater on steriods… i want a good sound… give me some ideas and places to price em… thankkks

You want a “Fart Can?” OMG you’ve crossed over.

Well if you do headers and a good exhaust system it won’t sound like a frog farting in a fruit jar. You’ll get the most benefit in doing it that way anywho. Why go half when you can go whole? 4-2-1 GO!!

more importantly do what you can afford first. I started out doing my exhaust first. You can get a custom aluminum exhaust built at an exhaust shop for probably around $250 if not cheaper. Stainless Steel exhaust will run you about $400.

If you want SS go through Trubendz.com! They make exhausts specific to the ZX2, just bolt up and go in most cases. I say most cases because I have heard reports of the center section pipes needing to be cut down an inch or two to keep from vibrating on the suspension.

Aluminum is lighter than steel :stuck_out_tongue: but doesn’t it rust?

Midas did mine for $100 from the cat all the way back (straight pipe 2.25") with a single 2.50" inlet and 2 2.5" outlet straight through muffler and it sounds awesome after the raspy noise after startup and first few blocks.

I also have a “Midas” exhaust. They did everything from my resonator/flexpipe back. It’s 2.25" and dumps into a Borla ProXS muffler ($99 off e-bay). Shouldn’t cost you much more than $150 for them to do it. I didn’t get a warrenty 'cause the dude never actually billed me for it, but it was only a year if he had, so… Just ask around at the local places and get estimates. Even go somewhere you wouldn’t really trust to get a written estimate, they may be cheaper in which case someone else may match that price. Go 2.25" and stick with a well known brand muffler (Borla, Flowmaster…) and you won’t get the poopy noise.

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Yeah I’m not sure if i want to do 2.25 or 2.5

I’m still learning about this “flow” and “backpressure” stuff.

I’d like to get a mid range advantage through my torque and hp not the high end. So thats why I’m looking for going with a very nice 4-2-1 header and then a nice exhaust system but I don’t know which would compliment the mid range better, 2.25 or 2.5

I know one thing - I don’t want to have it sound like a chipmunk in a blender.

My exhaust in no way sounds ‘rice’. 2.25" straight pipe from cat-back into a beefy (not coffee can) muffler and your good to go.

It’s always said…blown=2.5" N/A=2.25"

Think ahead.:slight_smile:

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Not going blown and not going with boost. Going to stay N/A. So 2.25? I’ll keep that in mind.

My words of advise: Do it right and do it once or don’t do it at all. Also don’t stick a rice can on at all. they are all shit sounding. So either spend the $$$ and get your whole exhaust done or don’t do it at all.

Well, I plan on going headers, a good cat and a full exhaust system. I mean how are you going to get the most if you only do half? But I’m doing it all at once, so I’ll buy it all, let it sit and when I have it all, do it. Good info though thanks :slight_smile: I’m sure nikki also appreciates all the info.

If you get a muffler closer to the engine, it will have a deeper sound to it. If you get muffler at the end, it will be either quieter or ricey. Of course it depends on the muffler you purchase.

I got an air resonator and Magnaflow flow-through muffler. I put it under the rear passenger seat. It sounds deep.

Short Movie. Nevermind the neons.

Wait what about dual exhaust?

That’s what I’m running. No benefits except visual.

i have 2.5 all the way from the cat thru the headers and its still an improvement over stock on my 4 banger… im going to keep the same size with the 6 in it tho

im not sure where to post this but here’s a clip of my exhaust sorry for low resolution


Man, I wish that was a bit better quality. But it doesn’t sound “ricey” which is great in my opinion.

ya i know its bad + it was getting dark out ill get better ones soon