can ya’ll tell me wut and apexi N1 exhaust would sound like on a zx2 cause i have an 01 and i was wondering wut do ya’ll think?

Talking about the fart can?

Yeah Its A performance Fart Can :slight_smile: my buddie had one on his car and i just thought it sounded soo good and ive heard another buddy had one on his zx and it sound rather nice. but i want something that puts out sound and performance u noe wut do u think ? do u have an aftermarket exhaust on your car ?

[url=http://www.prostreetonline.com/pso/images/products/156-A003.jpg]http://www.prostreetonline.com/pso/imag ... 6-A003.jpg[/url]

This Is What It Looks Like Let Me Noe

I wouldn’t even screw around! Trubendz.com FTW! I wouldn’t even wait my time or $ with a fart can, get a whole exhaust with a bolra!

soo i shouldn’t even F wit the unversial i should just get a complete exhaust system ? which would get better performance let me noe

Performance wise… Get a trubendz! I have a stainless 2.5" with a bolra. It’s sex but a little loud. Exhaust for our cars you can beat trubendz manderial bent .

ohh ight thankz man how much did ur set run you ? and how much power gain do u guesstimate u got from it