Ex-ZX2ners new ride

Just checking in on my old family of tuners. I miss the old Z. Wish I still had it. well anyways here is some pics of my new ride. Gota kid and needed more room for “other things” as well. I build custom computers on the side as well so I needed the room for that stuff. Here is the pics and a list of mods so far. Come visit us at http://www.genvibe.com
Mods: piaa headlight/foglight bulbs,
tein s-tech suspension, cosmo CAI, TRD quickshifter, ES motor mount bushings, magnaflow exhaust, RK sport CF roof rack caps, tinted windows, kenwood KDC-X589 HU/w remote, Audiobahn 10" sub with audiogahn 400watt amp, Megan Racing strut tower brace, TRD oil Cap

Front End Shot


Side Shot


Rear Shot


Engine Shot


Engine Cover Sloseup


Carbon Fiber Roof Rail Covers


Interior Shot


NICE! I’ll take one too please! :slight_smile:

I work with computers too, and thankfully my Z’s still carries what I need. My associate drives a 92 Tempo, and my boss drives an Audi S4…basically, we all drive li’l cars… :slight_smile:

  • Darron

still cant get the ricer i mean racer out of you huh j/k that looks bad ass. whats the bottom dolla for one of those?


looks real nice! so is it quick? i think i’d like them a whole lot more if it wasn’t the size of a lowered minivan, but that one looks real good.

i loved those until i saw a Toy engine underneath the hood…

damn global chassis…