EVO Lights

This is probably a dumb question but oh well… anyone know what kind of bulbs are in the jtautostyle rally lights in the EVO kits? :? I’m wantin to replace them with some brighter bulbs. I could just take em out and drag the bulb to the store with me but I figured I’d ask first. And is the top parking and the bottom driving bulb the same kind? Thanks to whoever can help me out.

No, they’re different bulbs, if I remember corectly. Mine has smaller yellow bulbs for the upper & clear for the lower driving light. The upper one is a suplementary turn signal. I have to replace my bulbs now ( they already blew out). I want to get some bulbs that aren’t as yellow of a light. When my HIDs are on, they make the fogs look cheap & yellow.

Yeah thats what my problem was, my bulbs are still good but they look cheap in contrast to my headlight bulbs. I just don’t know what the bulb types are.

When I take mine apart, I’ll let you know…unless you beat me too it…then YOU can let ME know…lol.

Sounds like a deal I’m gonna try to get around to mine this weekend.

I got around to takin them out today it looks like an H3 and a wedge bulb but I haven’t delt a lot with em. Just have to take em somewhere and check.

OK…let us know when you knw for sure.

It is an H3 and a wedge bulb, just replaced em today, 10 times better.