Euro style tails

Sooooo, are Euro style tails just too ricey??? My passenger side enclosure is cracked like columbian, and I was thinking about getting the whole dark chrome set from ZXTuner… but I’m not sure they would look that great… espescially on a green Z… hmmmmm… any oppinions?

I’m not quite sure how they’d look on a green Z… I’d like to someday purchase the C/F tails for mine. Depending on what the rest of your car looks like, it may not be too terrible. Post some current pics of your car and we’ll look at it. If it would end up looking too bad, you could just get a stock replacement off e-bay.

  • Darron

i’ve got the bright chrome on mine…blue though.

i know ultramac2003 had dark chrome on his green z before he wrecked it. Lookled fine

I also like the euro tails(never see 'em in my area). What setup do you think would look best on a white zx2 stock, chrome, or dark chrome? anyone do a PS perhaps?

All else being stock, I guess chrome…eww…I just said chrome…

  • Darron

ricey… i dunno… i depends on ur taste… how you roll.

yay for coming into this way late… I have chrome ones on my white ZX2. I personally like it better than the stock ones

I’ve got a 2002 sitting in my driveway that I use as a parts car. If you’d like I’ll make you an offer for the assembly.