Esslinger Has done Away with the Zetec Program

Just got of the phone with Esslinger they have disscontinued the Zetec
Program and will not be offering parts for the Zetec engine.

Then i guess that the ppl with the Essy head are in a rare group of parts ppl. It’s amazing just how many guys get into that group with our car.Now the Essy head will be more valued to members of the various boards.

But at least we have your’s Jayco

i got them to send me their airflow file so we can look at what they did and build a better one so we are also consantly looking for better prices on parts so that we can lower our prices…

esslinger still makes zetec parts, but it’s done only in a full production run (they don’t stock them anymore).

they did stop the machine work on the heads, because the guy who did the port work on them left the company, and demand for the heads were awfully light.

i still get udps and cam gears from them, as well as some of the smaller parts such as lash caps.


lol, and here I thought I bought something uber rare from you a while ago. :stuck_out_tongue: