Escort vs. Crx

A few years back when I used to drive a beater escort lx to community college, the compact scene got a little crazy because of the fast and the furious. Well, I was driving my mom’s escort down from a camping trip with my family and as i pulled up to the stoplight this red crx pulls up with his three inch open exhaust and starts reving like crazy. My gramparents were asleep in the backseat when the kid wakes them up. I ignored him and took off at part throttle from the stoplight. You can imagine my surprise when not only am I keeping with his car but actually leaving it two car lengths behind. When we got to the next stoplight i was laughing so hard that my sides hurt. Then I noticed the kid had his girlfriend riding shotgunb in the car with him so when the light turned green again I let him get away to avoid him more embarrased than he already was. Just thought some of you might find this story slightly amusing when you read it.

I certainly did. Sounds like I could beat 'im in my truck!

  • Darron

sounds like i can beat him in a Yugo