escort gtx vs mustang gt

just brousing put file and i found this

[url=] ... w-bolt-ons[/url]

That will be me a 2 years, but I will get a better start off the line.

Honestly, how can you tell it is a Escort GTX?

thats what it said on the main page so im taking it at face value

Thats a V6 Mustang, look at the ‘fake’ dual exhaust, look at the emblem on the quarter panel, and aftermarket rims usually attract the V6 crowd too. Besides most any zx2 can beat a v6 mustang.

I agree. It is definetly a V6 Mustang.


after looking closer the front is a v-6 stang ive found other races w/ thuis car on there it almost held its own to a srt-4