ES Stabilizer bushings

Black kit, the ones impregnated with graphite. Came out of my car after only a year or so of use. Forgot i had it installed, installed a new set and it’s about as new as when it went in, amazingly it feels pretty much brand new.

$5 shipped takes them. Honestly just taking room up in my garage. They really help take a lot of the movement out of the shifter mount, works wonders. Way better than OEM.

these go on the end of the shift rod right?

they’re not on the actual shifter, they’re on the stabilizer bar, hence stabilizer bushings;)

So the tranny end? Or am I wai off base?

hmm…so there for the shifter than Derek?

Right… Part # 41106G from energy suspension. Will take a pic when i get home.

Sorry i never posted pics, found them in my toolbox during my move. $10 OBO + shipping and someone can have them. They’re just taking up space.