Ok guys and gals, AS all of us know we grab a bunch of stuff of the 2nd gen’s. We have been invited by ERDTONLINE.COM To join up. I have been on there site 4 a while now and I’ll tell you there a decedt bunch of Escort nuts. Theres also a area for the 3rd gen’s and ZX2’s. I have invited them to join us over hear also. Hope fully this is the start of a friendship and help continue the passion 4 the Escort’s that for what ever reason we love.

Thus begins the Escort’s domination over the world.

Hey guys, I want to thank you all for checking us out, and I assure you I have added the link back here in our database (well it will be up there tomorrow, it’s late here lol)

I agree, This should be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Roush, will you have my love child?


HMMMM NO!!! lol

Nice to see you over here on this board. Hopefully we can get a greater community going out of the site.

nice to see AOD over here, and was great to see you over on ERDTonline Roush…EUT just sorta disappeared, and took me a while to track it down…

anyway, for those of you not on ERDTonline; it’s a great group, and like here it is very relaxed (much more so than most of the boards)…

I rejoined since I lost my membership because I forgot my password and id. I joined back in the days since back then i had a 94 escort 1.9 hatch. gave me good ideas and even helped me out when researching and alternative to the SOHC 1.9. it is a good forum with lots of helpful references.