Enkei 5+ w/ Cooper ZPT's 4 Sale

I have a set of 17" Enkei 5+ wheels for sale and they have 205/40/17 (I think that was the size) Cooper zeon zpt tires mounted on them. The combo is about 2 years old, but I have only ran them on the car both summers…which was only about 6 months total…so they only have like 5000-6000 miles on them total. They look incredible on my Z, but unfortunately I am in a little financial bind right now and need to sell these things. Here is a link to the car with the wheels/tires on it:

[url=http://www.fordtruckworld.com/gallery/BIGDAN03FX4/578939.jpg]http://www.fordtruckworld.com/gallery/B ... 578939.jpg[/url]

You may have to copy and paste it into browser, but that’s the only pic I have of them on the web. I am looking to get $500 for tires and wheels…tires alone cost me that much…so basically getting enkei wheels for free with the zeon’s for that price. Would prefer local pickup…live in NW Ohio…