engine swap

I have a 98 zx2 standard with piston slap, looking for possible engines that I can throw in with minimal add ons that i would have to buy. (preferably with more power than zx2 engine)

Any sites i could look into that can help?

what are your goals? Do you care about the weight distribution? Go fast? Accelerate fast? Stay frontwheel drive? Convert to rearwheel drive?

A few concerns are:

  • if you do a swap depending on what you do you will adversely affect the handling of your car from weight distribution changes depending on what you do.

  • engine swaps are extensive, there is no straight bolt on swap.

  • rearwheel drive conversions have been done successfully, and very fast (351 in one that someone has done) but it’s built for drag racing.

What are you aiming for? What kind of power do you want? These engines can be built quite easily and hold well, the weakest part is the transmission.

By the way - i see this is your first post, welcome to the boards!

Easiest swap would be a klze v6 swap.

But there are options depending on cash…

Koi’s ? are valid and need answers

It’s going to be a lot of work what ever you plan on doing. Either another stock zetec with bolt on’s or klze with some work into it.