Engine swap help 1999 to a 2002

Can anyone tell me if a 2002 engine will direct fit to a 1999? If not what would have to be changed? Thanks for your help

Depending on the production date in 1999 you may have to change the MAF from a 6 wire to a 4 wire.

Others know more about this then I do though.

Everything is the same when it comes to the engine block. They didn’t change once they went from SOHC to DOHC.

Perhaps the PCM?

If it is just the engine it will be fine. If you are using the intake that comes with the engine then it will be a bit different.

If you use the intake that comes with the engine you will need to Put your MAF into it, and then drill a hole and put a rubber grommet into it for the IAT.

If you use the intake from your car, everything will be fine. IIRC though, if you get an engine from the oppisite drive train (I.E. atx to mtx or vice versa) you will need to swap out the CPS housing.

(this is all assuming you are driving an early 99)