engine smoke

I’m trying to restore my zx2 to good condition, and all was going well until I noticed some smoke coming out of the engine bay when I started up the car today. The smoke appeared to originate in the area of the exhaust header. Since it was nearly dark and I was working without any light except that of some street lights and my other car’s headlights, I decided to simply shut it off and wait until there was enough like to examine it closely. I haven’t driven the car in over a week, and the valve cover gasket is leak free. The engine temp was normal (below the halfway mark but not in the cold zone). The oil level might be low, so I’ll check that tomorrow. The coolant level was low but within the recommended capacity (between the low and high marks). It didn’t smell like electrical smoke either.

Anyone know what might be wrong or what needs to be checked? Thanks in advance.

did you spill any oil doing an oil change?

i have had that smoke up on me when the exhaust mani cover gets hot.

I would check the same thing, but that wouldn’t explain an electrical burning smell…

  • Darron

Foos, what time did u read the post? You must have been tired or high, LOL. He said [huggys_zx2]It didn’t smell like electrical smoke either. [/huggys_zx2]


I didn’t read it very well at all obviously. It was 1:12am, but I got up at 7am that morning for 8hrs of work, then later had 4hrs of class… Soory. I guess the mystery machine solved the mystery…good job Shaggy! I mean, Mark…

  • Darron

check the oil fill cap gasket i had one of those go on me before and that coused alot of smoke

I let the engine run for a couple of hours while I was doing some detailing and just listened and checked the temp every 10 mins. or so, and listened for the fan kicking in. The smoke disappeared after about an hour. It was odd, though, because I don’t remember putting in oil before the last time I’d started the car. Who cares, at least it’s OK. Now to figure out why the rear turn signals don’t work anymore. :roll: