engine light

HI im new here, i am having a problem, i swaped a 2.ol motor into a zx2, and it runs strong and good, but the check engine light is on, because the motor i put in does not have a fuel temp sensor. The motor runs fine just the light wont stay off, what can i do?


The ZX2 doesn’t have a fuel temp sensor as far as I know. What 2.0 did you swap into the ZX2?

no the zx2 engine had one, and the new one did not

What made you think it was a Temperature Sensor?

There is one difference that I know of that cause you a problem. Because you did a swap; it might be that you are using a new computer with an older engine that uses a 4 wire MAF instead of the newer models that use a 6-wire MAF/IAT sensor. IAT sensor took the temperature of the incoming air.

Now I know you cannot run the engine with out the MAF plugged in. But you might be able to run it without the IAT sensor.

Do you know what code it is throwing? On the TeamZx2 forum, someone has listed every code that could be thrown with a solution to the problem. Having the code would definitely help pinpoint the problem.

I’m guessing you have a 98 or early 99 model ZX2. The early model has a fuel temp sensor on the fuel rail. The later ones do not have the sensor on the fuel rail, in fact, we are not sure where the sensor is on the later models. My guess is that it is part of the fuel pump/float assembly.

you can always swap fuel rails

Only if he still has the plug, and since the wire harness is attatched to the engine, I doubt he still has the plug.

i figured if he still had the old fuel rail he might still have the harness