Engine building woes

i,m putting together a DOHC 2.0l S/R motor. the head’s had a valve job & got new lifters, but i don’t know what the tollerances are. i have lifters ranging from 17.34-17.62 & don’t know if there is a specific order they go in or what measurement to take. al help is greatly appreciated

Well. You’re gonna have some steps to take…


This is from my '98 shop manual. The later solid bucket design is the same principle except that the whole bucket is replaced for the correct thickness follower surface.

Thanxx !!!

If you had your valves reground, expect that all your existing shime are going to be out of spec.

A 1999 or earlier zetec will have the 2 pc tappet with replaceable shim - you purchase the correct shim thickness to bring your valve clearance to spec.

A 2000 or later model (like your S/R motor) will have 1 pc tappets in varying thicknesses. You’ll be purchasing the correct thickness tappet per your individual measurement of each valve.

If you need the Tappets, the tappet thickness range from .675" to .700" thicknesses, in .001"-.002" (0.03 mm) increments.


Measure carefully, you may find that some of your existing buckets will work in other locations on the head, any that are reusable will save you money. Also, don’t use moly based assembly lube. When it washes into the motor on startup it can cause trouble for the VCT actuator. Personally, I use Lucas oil treatment for assembly.

true there is a chance u can reuse some, and if they’re the shim type you can flip the shims to have a fresh mating surface for the cam to hit.

as for lube i dump a lot of 20w50 motor oil over the cams and tappets prior to cranking, then with the coil primary wire disconnected I crank it over for about 15 seconds