emissions control ?


My ZX2 wants to “burp” when starting of slowly after coming to a stop. It also does it when coming to a stop sometimes. Very strange. Its like it isnt finding the right gear to shift into. Sometimes the engine will surge and drop back down when I am crawling along (idling). I have given the car lots of TLC, but just cant get it. I have replaced a bunch of sensors (MAF, TCS, and TSC). Have replace the fuel filter and air filter. Put new plugs and wires on it. Cleaned the carb. I have looked for cut or rusted conections on the trans. and cleaned them all. My next quess is an O2 sensor. No codes are coming up. I did have a code a month or so ago saying a bad o2 sensor, but it went away. Sure wish I could find this one. I am also quessing a pcm, but dont know how or where it is. It runs great on the highway, gets great mileage and all. Fun to drive too.

Wowsers. My stuff does that too, although much less since I’ve flushed the trans through with good quality Mercon fluid and added some Lube-Gard. I tried Mercon-V, which Ford says replaces everything except “F” and my shit almost wouldn’t shift at all. My '2 has about 160k on it now and only really acts up at parking lot speeds at certain trans. temp.s. For the most part she works good now. I have found that keeping the rpm’s up a bit helps the line pressure. If it isn’t related to pure wear and old fluid there is also the EPC solenoid to consider as a probable cause.