electric supercharger

I’m thinking about getin the electric supercharger , what do you guys think , I have a 98 zx2 , soon I will put photos so you can see it… Thanks

Don’t need to know what it looks like. Don’t get it.

1st ewlcome to ZX2MS 2nd dont get it just a waste of money. It only works at full throttle and the hp gain is only about 4 hp

I smite you… :cry:

1st welcome

2nd save up and get a real supercharger, you’ll be happier.

I didn’t intend to be nasty. Now that I re-read my post, I may have come off that way.

There are 3 types of Superchargers you could be talking about:

  1. In-line S/C – very little gain at low and mid range. Impellers get in the way at high end.
  2. Looks like a Turbocharger (vacuum motor) – air flow is erratic and minimal gains if that.
  3. Roots type supercharger that uses Capasitors at 10,000V discharge – A real supercharger but only for 13sec. Mind you the capasiotors will die on you within 2-3 years. For the cost of it $1,500, yet another $500 will get you a mechanical Supercharger.

Thanks guys … soon I will put photos it just I have the car in te garage because I’m thinking of putting the zx2nr body kit…

There isn’t a NR kit it’s a concept Vehicle. Or Are you getting one made?
If so that would be pricey. Something i would love to see but pricey.

Yes! I’m gettin one made , it’s a friend, and were talking about it beacuse it ain’t easy to do it at all…

cool cool