Electric Air Intake

I’ve been thinking about putting a 170 CFM 3" fan in my intake tube. How much CFM does the zetec “suck in”? Would this be a silly mod or could it have some power gain or fuel MPG benefits? Would it increase performance? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Herm :roll:

Your beating your head against the wall for nothing here. Here is the reason, after a certain point the fan will stop being effective, and actually hinder your performance. I can give you any numbers, but the fan would actually become an obstacle in your air path when the engine starts pulling more air then the fan can supply.

Thanks Mark, I wasn’t sure how effective something like that would be but I sit around sometimes and think about things like that. I’m trying to improve my fuel economy since I drive about 100 miles per day to work. I seem to get my best mpg at about 55-60. Maybe there is something else I can do.


With my CTA intake and catback exhaust I was able to get 38mpg on the highway at about 70-75. All other things were stock at the time.

  • Darron

Are you using a K&N air-filter or other High flow air-filter? These would help. %5 increase in HP and about 1-3 MPG more.

Unless the fan sped up w/ engine rpms of course.

even then the fan could only spin so fast… probably not fast enough to supply enough air for the intake requirements. The size of the fan blade dictates how much air it can push. your blade would have to be less then 3" that the intake is. At that point your talking about putting in a fan from one of them summer personal cooler things you get a gas stations…

To be blunt, that would be dumb.

Im talking about belt driven or computerized. That would be the only way you could speed it up w/ the engine rpms.