Eibach or Ground Control

I finally have the money to lower my car and I don’t care to much about ride harshness. I know the Eibach/Tokico is an awsome setup but the GC/Tokico sould be nice to (since the GC springs are Eibachs). I also wanna get the Axiom ground effects later on so it would be nice to be adjustable and I dont think the Eibach setup will make my car as low as I want. What do you guys think, I know this question has been asked alot but its not on the new forum so I tought we could get it over with.

I have had the S/R setup (Eibach/Tokico) for sometime and I have no issues with it. Lowering my car any lower and I’ll be hitting everything, plus you really don’t gain anything but the visual effect of your car laying on the ground.

I don’t particularly care for the “slammed” look myself, but if that’s what you want the GC’s are what you need. For the most practical (IMO) use set up get the S/R.

  • Darron

The SR suspension is a great set-up and doesn’t make the suspension too hard. I think if I had a stiffer one ride quality would be very bad on this chassi. Coil overs its hard to say unless you specify what your looking at. Most of us use the SR one anyway so we all have good experiences for the most part with it.

I don’t recall hearing any negatives as far as performance from GC, but I don’t recall many people sharing either… Like he said…most of us use the S/R and are very pleased with it. But again…if you don’t care about harshness and are going for a lot queen look…get the adjustable.

  • Darron

Well I went with H&R springs and tokico struts. The H&Rs are of comparable quality to the Eibachs and the sit 1.3" lower all the way around instead fo 1.2"F and 1"R. Thats mostly why I went with them. I took it out on the road and its amazing how different the feel of the car is; from body roll to the seat of your pants and into the feel of the steering wheel. And they don’t ride harsh either. I’ll get some pics up tomarrow.