Eh eh eh eh WHYYYYY!

So close…

I went to the Ducati dealership again and drooled all over the sport classic. Apparently they have refined the valve train engine on 2007. some sort of new metals used as well as some new belt system on them so they are more reliable. The tag price dropped to $10,000 on the 06 model sport classics. I did the math and should be able to get one this summer BUT I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT WHY OH WHY does it have to torture me like this LMAO!

The cool thing is that it has the same engine as the supersport… but a supersport is only $8500 (tag price dropped on those too), its almost tempting to just buy a supersport instead but I think i’d rather wait and get what I want ya know? The styling on the sportclassic is pretty sweet in person, I got to see the paulsmart they have on the showroom floor, had the full fairing package and the race numbers, it looked absolutely awesome. Like a blast for the past, you could honestly see how it would look just like something back in the day on the track, but modernized. The one was looking at is NOT a sportclassic, it’s just the standard model (single seater) without the fairings (I don’t dig the fairings, i’m more of a naked bike guy).

Anyone else been drooling on any future toys in the showroom lately?

BTW - Chris, how is your mustang going for ya? :slight_smile:

I knew you like naked things!! lol

Hope you get the bike in the summer Derek.

do you mean to tell me you don’t like naked things? :?

Depends on what’s naked. :-o

this is true.