EGT pads vs SR pads

With a rear disc swap using the disc assemblies from an Escort GT am I going to need to use break pads made for the GT or will pads for an zx2 with rear discs work. Or are they the same pads for both.

I know the rotors are the same. Im just concerned about maintainability, making sure that if I walk into a parts store 2 years after the swap and I space-out and ask for pads for a zx2 because I drive a zx2 or if my GF decides to be cute and have the brakes done for me at a shop.

Dont get me wrong I want discs brakes on the rears. I’m just concerned about keeping things simple.

Maybe I am concerned for no reason.

I think the pads/calipers/rotors are different between the two cars. I’m gearing up for a swap myself.

I know that the rotors are the same. I am interested in whether or not the pads are the same. :slight_smile: