ECT Sensor

Can anyone tell me how to find the ECT sensor? I have a 2000 ZX2 and the books I have do not help.

If I’m not mistaken…and I very well may be…it’s incorporated in the MAF on the '00 models. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Darron

I think you’re right. Sickbob, is your MAF a 6 wire? If so then Foos was on the money.

How the hell does the Mass Air Flow (MAF) detect the Engine Coolant Temp (ECT) ?!! the ECT is on the thermostat housing. Also, on a side note- the temp. sending unit (that controls the temp GAUGE)- is located below the top radiator hose, to the right of the PCV hose, screwed directly into the head. The ECT (connected to PCM) will throw a code, if thats your issue. The temp sending unit ONLY controls the gauge on the dash. If your temp. gauge goes nuts like mine did it’s the lower one. Hope this clarifies for ya! The only difference in the 6- or 4-wire MAF is the AIT is incorporated on the 6.

I always heard “IAT/ECT sensors” when looking at intakes. I said someone correct me if I’m wrong…no need to get hostile dude.

  • Darron

No disrespect, D. Alot of people take advice from this sight like scripture, so we should be on our toes about what the sensor initials stand for. :wink:

I don’t mind being corrected. What’s the other sensor I was thinking of that’s in the intake…I know one’s IAT. I thought the other started with an “E”.

  • Darron

The only sensors on the air intake are TPS -throttle position (on throttle body)/ MAF(mass air flow [4 of the 6-wires]) and AIT (air intake temperature). Mines a 98, so I’ve got the separate AIT, but when I talked to Ford about swapping for a 6-wire MAF it can be done. The wire diagram showed that the #1 & #6 wires are the AIT on the 6-wire, so all I have to do is cut the O.E. AIT off and AQUIRE (not steal) the plug when I pull a MAF at the yard and splice it accordingly. I don’t know of any sensor on the intake that has an “E”, but you may have gotten your memory mixed up w/ the POTS mod 'cause YES you do alter the ECT sensor on that one, and may very well be what our 1-post noob “stickbob” was inquiring about in the first place. Haven’t heard anything from the guy since this thread started. BTW welcome to the site Bob! I’m still technically a NOOB, also, but I’ve done my homework, much of which was done on this site.

That’s possible…

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