E brake sticking??

Hey, im having problems with my E brake getting stuck on, on my drivers side wheel. its not the cable but sumwhere in the mechanical part inside hub, is there an adjustment or anything in there??


Ok, I have a S/R so this will be different, but for me, on the back of my calipers in the rear there are 3 bolts. 1 is to connect the brake-lines to the caliper, the 2nd is to connect the e-brake cable to the caliper, and the 3rd is short about 3/4 in, it covers a little gear inside of the caliper that has an allen wrench head on it. If you turn this counter clockwise, it will release the piston in the caliper. I only found this out b/c I just replaced my back brake pads and painted all of my calipers red. Dont know if this will help since I have disc brakes but it could get you on the right track, Sorry for the late reply.