e-brake light problem

Just about 2mo ago my ebrake light started staying on or comming on while driving, which I thought was due to the cable being a little looser now. About a month ago now it stays on all the time. I took the console off and messed with the switch and looked at the wiring but cant find a problem. It seems as though by the way it was wired that it would be off all the time if there was a problem with the switch and that the wire must be now grounded somewhere it isn’t supposed to be. I cant find anything loose though. Anyone else had this problem?

try cleaning up the ground wire connecting point. if that doesnt work it maybe the switch it-self.

Your breaks could be worn and need replacing, or possibly your brake fluid could be low.

i forgot about the fluid. mine light turned on when my fluid went low. try that. If your brakes are worn you would hear a metal on metal scratching sound.

Ironmark, you don’t always notice the warning tabs when the brakes get low

True… depends on how loud your music is! LOL! :smiley:

I’d love to have an update on this when you figure out the problem for sure

I 've had a similar problem with my light ever since I changed the stock stereo for my Sony Xplod head unit. It seems to come and go even though I adjusted the parking brake cable and changed my worn front pads. (I still have drums out back.) I’ve been so used to driving with the light on that I recently saw that It went away after I released the parking brake. Before it would stay on regardless. I think it might be a wiring problem or something or a conflict with the stereo wiring. I really havn’t given it much thought since my brakes work just fine.

Just to clarify…since the e-brake only goes to the rears…changing your fronts isn’t going to effect the e-brake light. Probably something wrong with the connections.

  • Darron

My light has come on twice other than pulling the e-brake. I’ve had it come on when my front brakes were worn beyond their life. Probably one more stop on them and it would have been metal to metal. I didn’t hear the warning clip at all. Once I replaced my pads the light turned off.

Check the switch under the brake pedal to see wether the circuit is open or closed. You may need to make some adjustments. :ugeek: