ive heard a lot of discusion about the duratec engine… is it any better then the zetec?? why and how?

I’ve had the 2.5 Duratec in my Contour, its chain driven, less maintenance, but a pain in the ass to fix. I liked the dual stage intake (short runners for high rpm hp and long runners for low end torque)

would it be worth dropn into my zx or not?

It’s a process from what I hear :slight_smile:

I would not do it.

the 2.5 duratec in the contours is a PITA!! big time dont do it, if you want to go that far into custom fitting an engine either go all the way for the 3.0 duratec or the 2.3 in the new focus’s. There a hell of an engine and there is a strong aftermarket assortment for them already imho

the duratec i have is belt driven

wut kind of power does the 3.0 duratec and 2.3 focus engine put out?

The accesories are belt driven but the motor is chain driven. The new 3.0 Duratecs are putting out 220hp I think and the 2.3 is at 170hp depending on what model car they are on they could be de-tuned.

so would it be better to drop a 3.0 duratec or a 2.3 focus engine?
i might not even do any of this it is just ideas i have running through my head… thanx for all tha help

3.0 is a bigger engine, v6 but it would be tight. The 2.3 is an I4 so it’ll fit with room to spare, but in another case it’ll be cheaper to just build the stock zetec in your car and turbo it surpasing any stock 3.0 or 2.3 duratec.