"Dubbed" Mustang (Not 56k friendly?)

This is an 05 Mustang with some 20" rims on it. The tire size (which I tried to capture) is 255/35R20. I’m unsure of the dimensions of the rim itself (probably 20x9 or 9.5) or the offset. I hopefully will get that info tomorrow when I pick Tigress up from work at the dealership.


With this one I wanted to show how much room was left between the tire and fender.


This is the overexposed/flashed tire size of 255/35R20


  • Darron

hhhmmmm :twisted: I wonder if 22’s will fit :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:
Anyways thanks for the photos Foo! :smiley:

Alright, now your being evil!

That… is… SO gay! Big rims suck so bad.

Uhhmmm… Ew.

But hey, if that’s someone’s thing, who am I to tell them different.

That was sold like that from a Ford dealer brand new…at least I think it sold…

  • Darron

that’s tight :wink:

Needs a low-profile wing that is body color. Also needs to be dropped.


  • Darron

That looks good but the fenderwell gap is burning my eyes, drop it!

I doubt the dope that bought it will drop it…

  • Darron

LOL yeah because they spent all the money they had just so they could have the privilage of driving thing in the first place.