Dream Car!

Alright guys/ladies… post up your dream car.

I almost bought a Lotus Super 7 kit car when I graduated from high school in 1964. I think I choose wisely in spending the money on college tuition instead. But, the Super 7 has been my dream car ever since. I love The Prisoner car.


Number 2 on the list is the 1957 Costin Maserati, over 200 mph in 1957.


Lotus exige-s


2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800




I’m with Mark. Elanor FTW


Now if only I could dream up a bigger wallet to purchase one.

Gotta get your Wallet REALLY big. Nissan is coming out with the new skylines in a few years. They are going to be in the supercar class I believe, running with the ferraris and lambos. I remember reading an article about it in car and driver. $80,000 base price tag.

Did you see that the moved the transmission on it? It’s actually at the rear of the vehicle. So now there is a drive shaft that comes off the engine to the rear of the vehicle into the transmission then is re-routed using a second drive shaft to the front wheels. My best guess is to even out the weight distribution.


Any car?

Lamborghini Espada
Call me oldschool.


old school.

i’ll take a Skyline. R32, R33, or R34. there is just something about them. i would live in a trailer to drive a Skyline. . .

I can’t choose one, but my favorites include: 58 Olds, Maserati MC12, 69 Charger 500, 69 Dodge Daytona, Lamborghini Miura…

miura now thats a good choice!


Look, a bug!