Door Panels

I’m wondering the feasibility and practicality of an idea of mine, which is as follows:

  1. Find someone with a clue about fiberglassing.

  2. Remove interior door panels.

  3. Use door panels as a mold and have #1 make a shell of the door panel.

  4. Cut (or leave) hole for 6 1/2" speaker to be mounted in factory grille position then install said speaker.

5)* Figure out a way to mount shell to door and enjoy.

*This is the hardest part for which I am in need of the most help.

What do you guys think? In my head it’d work fine, but then there’s step 5… I’m also thinking of sending in my door handles to Carbon TC to have him “plate” it with c/f. Obviously I have no clue about Fiberglass, so all opinions and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!

  • Darron

That’s actually something I’ve done before. I did it for a custom Escalade. Step 5 is pretty straight forward…you just reproduce all the stock mounting points. I can do it, but I need a donor set of door panels.

Talked to a guy in cardomain before had an escort where all the door pannels where fiberglassed over then had carbon laid. Looked pretty sweet. If I remembered his name I’d tell ya he could probably help a lot.

Well, once I make a mold, I can just lay Carbon Fiber without the fiberglass. I’d be interested in making me some Kevlar pannels. Never know when you may need that extra little bit of protection. :wink:

Wow, this sounds like a sweet idea. hmm. let me know if it goes anywhere.

If I can get a donor set of pannels, I can make a mold. Oherwise, I’ll have to wait a fe months till I get a new interior to use my old one for the molds. I’m planning on re-creating all the interior peices from carbon fiber & the door and backseat side pannels will have a 4 layer Kevlar base underneath.

I may try to ask Leobrawner for some if the price is right…

  • Darron

Hmmm what would be the right price on that stuff anyways? I’d deffinately like to replace my panels with some new ones.

hey scott if i sent the donor panels how much and how long would it take for c/f door panels???


Hey Scott, (or anyone else), how hard is it to remove the map holders/ speaker covers and the arm “pad” on the armrest on the driver and passenger doors? Also the surrounding around the guages. The part that covers everything and connects to the dash? And the passenger side vent cover under the airbag??? Just wondering, want to paint interior. Just got done w/ calipers (Ford Red high temp. Enamel).

How about just flat, no frills door panels? just a place for a speaker, a small door pull/handle, and window/door lock switch. Something simple.