Don't shoot me!!

OK so i saw that someone is parting out 4 SR’s in the for sale section, and i was just wondering

A: How long do struts last, and would it be worth buying them from a used SR or just buying them new

B: What part do i need from an SR to do a rear disc swap, i have the instructions from the EGT, but i dont kno if its the same parts if its off an SR.

Thanks guys :smiley:

JUST GET EVERYTHING IF THE PRICE IS GOOD!!! But yea, about that person collecting “11 S/Rs” IDK if I can trust em. Only 2 posts, and parting out 4 at the time. Seems kinda shady to me. If I were going to buy, Id want pics of all 11 next to eachother. And what condition these S/Rs are in. Totaled im guessing. AND HOW IN THE F*** DO YOU GET 11 S/Rs??? Get the struts man, if the milage is low.