Donation Time

Hey guys…

I don’t ask allot, but about once a year. If you can afford to donate any money to server costs for please use the donate button on the front page. Thanks guys! :mrgreen:

For those of you without paypal…

Chris Casper
W7117 Oakridge Ct.
Poynette, WI 53955

People who have donated already…

Mark Carman
Morton Covington
John A Wooten
Nicholas Wager

Again thank you guys!

where is the donate button

It’s the paypal button on the bottum Left side. I will donate as soon as my taxes come in.


You finally got it working…?

i dont use paypal can i send you a check or money order…

Donation Sent.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry I did not see this earlier. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

You di get mine correct…

Update in the first post. :wink:

Watch out I here that wooten guy’s an ass…

Hey does anyone know if it is possible to swap a contour svt engine into my 98 zx2? if not what engine can i swap that would make my zx2 quick?

Thanks :smiley:

Welcome to!

For future reference please utilize the sites search function then creat a NEW post for questions. We have plenty of information regarding different topics about the ZX2. There is plenty of information, you just need to post in the right area.

for example… You posted in a topic requesting donations to help pay for server costs. Your question was irrelavant to that topic so chances are your question will go unanswered until it is posted in the right area. My suggestion would be the engine discussion topic.