domestic or import

If you could have one car, what would it be? Import or domestic. any year, any model.

Mine would definately have to be a Ford GT-40 Mark IV

I think it’s domestic…Saleen S7. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

i dunno … im torn … domestic 69 charger r/t … import ( evne tho they are over done r32 skyline ( when they we still rwd )

1997 McLaren F1 GT. Its gotta be because of all the carbon fiber!

'69 Shelby GT500, 428 cobra jet… I sat in one once… drooling from memory


Engine type Normally aspirated

Cylinders V8

Valves 4 per cylinder

Displacements 4000 cc

Power about 460 hp (338KW)

Torque over 500 Nm

Transmission Rear wheel drive

Gearbox 6-speed, sequential

Suspension Independent wheel suspension, double wishbone axle

ventilated carbon fibre discs

Wheels front 10 x 18 inches
rear 11 x 18 inches

Tyres front 265/660 R18
rear 280/660 R18

Chassis Tubular space frame with integrated CFK safety cell for the driver

Length 4800 mm

1850 mm

Height 1200 mm

Minimum weight 1050 kgs (incl. driver)

Fuel capacity 70 litres

64 1/2 Mustang… cause my father used to have one, and it was a beauty.