Doing Rear Drum brake service

Has anyone done their drum brakes? How difficult is it? I know I’m not going to be doing any resurfacing but if I get new drums and shoes what else would I need i.e. special tools. I have a chilton guide to help but I would like a of advice from some one whos done it.

Also is there such a thing as improving the performace of a drum brakes?

There is 1 tool that you need. The springs inside that create the tension are really strong. Its a big tool (cant remember what its called), on one end it comes to a point, and on the other end it comes to a C with a hook on it I believe. I asked my father (past experiences messing w/ cars) and that is how it used to be or may still be. The tool is to remove the springs from the brakes, once you get done w/ the springs, the whole assembely pretty much falls apart. Drum brakes used to be easier to replace than disc. If you get the srings off, the hard part is over.

Yes, you will need a large flat head screw driver (longer is better), a hammer, a pair of needle nose and that freakish tool that looks like it belongs in a dentists office. The screwdriver is one of most important tool because it gives you leverage on the springs inside the drums. And use craftsman, so if the screwdriver brakes, you get a new one for free.