do i need an amp for this

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well the stock rear speakers totally suck ass so i want to replace those with that^^

do i need an amp? or will stock amp handle that ^^

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aw come on guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Stock will be able to handle them.

Do you have the “premium sound” or just standard? (You can tell by looking at your tape deck) If you do, I don’t know what you’re talking about…yes I’ve replaced the rears, but not 'cause they suck…the speakers I bought for the doors didn’t fit, so I’m still runing those and they sound great! If you don’t then maybe they do…

I would say that any speakers you put in will not need an amp. Your factory deck will power any speaker, but you shouldn’t have to worry about blowing any of them off the stock deck. The first amp you’ll need is for the first sub you get. Once you get that you MIGHT (big emphasis on that “might”) want to start considering an amp for the front/rear speakers. I got my system (head unit, sub/amp, rear speakers) three years ago and I’m not running an amp for my speakers yet. I’ve considered getting one, but I won’t do it until I get a set of speakers in my trunk to go with the sub. And that’s not happening anytime soon.

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so all i have to do is unplug the stock speakers and then plug in the new ones? or do i need all sorts of complicated wires and sheet? :?

come on guys its getting dark and im scared :wink:

There are wiring harnesses available, if you don’t want to do that get some electrical tape and splice the wires… You now how to do that right?


Its tacky… Solder them together, you’ll get better audio quality or use Heat shrink tube to hold the wires together.

man the last time i used a sodering tool was in shop class and i made a big metal ball and threw it at the teachers head… :evil:

ok the speakers i got for 30 bucks is the DUBS and their 200 Watts each…

so it came with a blue wire for each of the speakers that splice into 2 wires at the end…

which side is positive and negitive?

One wire has a black stripe on it and the other one is just plain, i suppose the one with the black line is positive right?

another thing, is the stock amp under the drivers seat??

thanks and feel free to complain :roll:

If you have premium sound, there’s an amp under the drivers seat for the speakers, but it’s only the front or rears…I don’t remember…
plain should be positive, black stripe negative. You should be able to get harnesses for like $7 from anywhere.

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thanks man now i know :smiley: