i have the opportunity to get a 91 mustang gt 5.0 fastback for $2000. The only problem is that my parents own my zx2. They said if i buy the mustang they would give my brother my zx2. Not sure what i should do.

Keep the ZX2… Thats all I gotta say.

Eh… for $2000 i can only imagine what problems it may have.

I agree with derek not that $2000 is to little for a 91 GT but most of them have been driven hard the ones that were taken care of are worth more

it is actually an old lady’s car. original owner, 56xxx miles great car and a perfect condition stock 91 is only worth like 3-4k on kbb

if your lookin for it as a daily driver–i would say keep the zx2–if you can talk your parents into letting you keep the zx2 and buy the mustang–then it’s not such a bad deal

i want to keep both…

how flexible are your parents on this? you may have make some kind of a deal with them.