Detroit Auto Show 2006

So I’m heading up to the Detroit Auto Show this year. I will be sure to get pictures and post them on my website when I get back. But are there any specific cars, people would me to get pictures of?

Some specifics I would like to take are of the Skyline, perhaps the engine bay, and some Umbrella Girls if they got’em.

Darron and I are also heading up there for the show. We will be going next Friday :smiley: We will also be sure to take lots of pics. Last year we took pics of a little bit of everything so we will probably end up doing the same this year. I am really looking forward to it :smiley:


…What she (^) said. :slight_smile: When you goin’ up there Mirror?

  • Darron

We are leaving tomarrow at about 6:30pm. We should be there by midnight. And we will be at the show as soon as it opens.

Well, we left on Friday night at 9pm. We didn’t make it to Detroit until 4pm. Pretty bad. We were told that it would be just as fast to go through the states. WRONG! We are so going back through Canada. Stay tuned for pictures.

Eargerly awaiting the pics!

Ok…here they are.

Detroit Auto Show 2006 (Warning 56k users) Once you load the first page, after that, you click and they will come up quickly.

Mind you these are only from one camera. I still have another camera to go. But I’m tired…so you get in the raw form. And am still in the prcess of labeling.

FINALY!!! A 2 door challenger that looks like it deserves the name. The camaro looks better that it did in the drawings too. I wonder if Ford will really make that other car, the Reflex.

Also I love the Jeep area.

what was up with the ‘exploded-view’ wheel? anything special?

nice pics i think the exploded wheel is a new brak set up i heared of there electric not hydrolic but i could be wrong on this
i like the camaro and the challenger it would be cool to see them in a compation against the mustang gt like in the 60 and 70 do a muscle car shoot out

The Exploded wheel is from a Concept Car called the Mitsubishi CT. It shows the new drive train. See, each wheel drives itself instead of having one motor connected to a drive shaft. So each wheel drives independently and car is completely electric and drive by wire. If you look closely, you can see there are disk brakes in there.

I still have another camera to load up online so you can see what the CT looks like. I will get those up as soon as I can.

Sweet…I’ll be taking my camera with me as well when
Tigress and I go on Friday. Hopefully we’ll be there early enough that there won’t be a whole lotta people around the big displays.

  • Darron

Just so you know…there is a downstairs too! We had no idea that it was there until we went to get some lunch. If you walk out Porche and downstairs, you can’t miss it. Or you could go down the escalator on the back corner on VW.

Yeah, that’s where the ASC cars and other such custom crap is. Some extra V-dub stuff too. (Come one now…I’ve been going there for a long time here. :wink:)

  • Darron

Sorry, didn’t know. Hell, I didn’t know about it till we got hungry and found it on the way to the food court, lol.

Yeah, I was just messing with ya. It could be easily missed if you’re not familiar with it. Not a whole lot of things to indicate it’s there.

  • Darron

Well, we’re back. It was pretty cool. We got there about 9am and left about 12:30. Small crowds means getting through extra fast. :slight_smile: It was picking up considerably when we were leaving. I have the pictures off my camera and here on my laptop. Will post link into my gallery once they’re uploaded…all 130+ of them. I apologize in advance. I work in a grocery store doing customer service, not in a photo studio taking pictures. Some are a li’l blurry due to hurried pictures for small gaps in people, or moving cars, etc. But most are pretty clear thanks to technology. Anyway…I need sleep. I will upload them ASAP.

  • Darron

Well I finally got them all uploaded. I have them in my gallery (here). Also gonna throw up a couple of my faves. Enjoy!*


*I work at a grociery store…not as a photographer…you’ll have to excuse sucky pictures.