Depressing day....

Today started out well. My day started out at midnight at a friends house playing poker. I won $5 because towards the end of the game we decided to split the pot as it was me and my buddies g/f playing. She was tired and had just taken like $36 dollars worth of chips from me and so we ended up calling the game and splitting the pot.

I got home around 4am and went to bed. Woke up at 9am to get to work and had a good day except for the head ache from lack of sleep and too much beer (it was mostly the lack of sleep).

Well I decided it would be a good day to go riding and being I now have the camera mount I decided I would record a portion of my ride.

Here is the video, can you tell why im depressed?

I am glad to be alive as much as I am depressed. Right as soon as I got home there was a rainbow in the sky directly over my house and circling ‘only’ my property. I wonder if this was a sign? I will post the video of the rainbow tomorrow, it was pretty amazing and one of the brightest rainbows I have ever seen.

glad your ok-- what the hell was that–i really couldn’t tell

the great north american white tail deer

glad you’re ok man…

I couldn’t tell what that was either…

did it mess up the bike bad? you just got that this week right

Damn! I slowed it down to catch it the second time. No taller than the hight of your wheel but still able to cause some damage. I saw a peice hit the front winshield. Did any hit you? Noticed the computer went out too. Is that ok?

The piece that flew in front of the camera was part of the bike. I believe it was a full grown deer, and I dont know why she was ducking down other then she expected to get hit once she ran out in front of me. Bike is driveable, thank god im ok.

Fairing peeled back and sliced my knee a little but nothing more then a severe paper-cut type of cut. All damage was cosmetic. I need to replace my headlight housing, the whole front fairing the inner fairing panels / gauge bezel.

As far as the computer, im not sure whats up with that yet other then when I hit her some wires came unplugged. I am not sure If I got everything hooked back up yet or not.

All-in-all Im really lucky. This accident could have been much worse. Frankly I am surprised as hell that I kept the bike up. The worst part is… I dont even have my title yet.

im just glad your ok ,mark

Holy Shit dude your lucky. Just really happy nothing happened to you. What part of it hit you? It’s head?

ass end… I think that is why I was able to stay up… had the deer been 2 feet to the right I wouldn’t be here posting.

Dude!! So glad that you are okay! I couldn’t even tell what happened. Thank God you are alive and safe.


I have the new version of the video uploading to my server. Give it 10 mins or so then try this link:

I slowed the video down and added some flare to it.

Yeah you told me over aim buddy :frowning: I’m so sorry to hear about the bike. I’m so glad you didn’t go down. Be careful out there man, can’t wait to see the bike up again. Best of luck Mark.

Most important thing is that you’re okay bro.

Glad you’re okay hommie. Now…what is that you scream at the end? If it’s postable. lol

  • Darron


lol well not really but you get the gist.

Duck, puck, luck… something like that.

That is just crazy. Someone needs to teach them things to look both ways before they cross the street…
Once again glad that you are alright. Hope you are able to get your new bike up and running again soon. Keep us updated bud.


Good God dude! you’re telling us your history…I belive that an angel was riding with you there…

Since my accident back in september I will never ride without my armor again. I will also never take this pin off the jacket I am wearing. This is my biker angel.

Amen Mark! I never leave home without mine, good choice bro :slight_smile: