Dash Lights - how to replace?

I have a 2000 ZX2. The light in the dash that illuminates the speedometer is out. I haven’t noticed anything else that’s out. Could it be just a fuse? Is it complicated to fix? Any information is appreciated. Thanks! :?

My only thought is that you’ve gotta take apart the dash and pull the speedo out to replace the bulb. If you’ve never done it before it could take you awhile (probably an hour at most to take apart assuming you don’t have any kind of manuel). Hardest part I can think of would be getting the right replacement bulb. I know there are a lot of 194’s in the guages, but I don’t know what bulbs are for what…I’m pretty sure, now that I think about it, that the speedo bulb is a 194…I’ve changed it before with a 194b bulb (blue tint) and took it out 'cause it didn’t change the color and was too dim. So now that I’ve solved that for you, the hardest part will be getting the TWO different wiring connections off/on.

I’ll go through what I can remember, and it should give you idea enough to get the job done.

First thing to do is pry up the little plastic piece between the steering wheel and the guage cluster. Then there’s the nut holding the hood release and another bolt/screw somewhere on that piece. (if equipped disconnect trunk release) If I remember correctly there’s just the two bolts on that bottom piece and the rest are clips.

The guage surround has a couple few bolts on it and a lot more clips…I want to say there’s 2 or three bolts.

The guage cluster has 4 bolts and two separate wiring connections (one on each side). Figure out what bulb is for the speedo (should be marked on the backside of the cluster). swap it for a new 194, repeat everything backwards and you should be back together with a refreshed guage cluster that’s nice ‘n’ bright again.

Again, this is from what I can remember…it’s been awhile since I’ve taken it apart. I THINK they’re all 10mm bolts…they’re all the same whatever they are…pretty sure 10mm.

  • Darron

Just a sugestion, if you are going in there anyways, why not install an aftermarket guage setup. It would take care of the lighting issue, and you’d end up with something looking better. In fact:


This is from zxtuner.com. I’d so get one if I wasn’t trying to get an S/R cluster.

[url=https://www.zxtuner.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=96&categoryId=17]https://www.zxtuner.com/displayProductD ... egoryId=17[/url]

That’s a really good idea. I’d do it just for the look, regardless of the bulb situation. I want a MPH cluster, only because I’m in Canada, and it would be different.

you could also try to get the custom gauges from one of our vendors S&H Autotrends, they specialize in gauge faces.

Holy crap…why the heck didn’t I think of that!!!

  • Darron


Where in canada are you located?