Damned 3rd brake light at it again.

Once again i put a light back in the 3rd brakelight and it went out. 5th brakelight the 3rd brakelight has burned out.

No blown fuses… any ideas?

i thought i was the only person who had that problem.

So I’m NOT alone? :?

short somewhere? crappy bulbs? socket burnt out maybe?

same here mine eats them.I do think that it has something to do with prolonged use in that the amount of time your foot is on the brake.

make sure you are using the right bulbs–921 there are also 921LL for long life–you might want to try them. there are other bulbs that look the same but they are not 18 watts like the 921

dean this is interesting info… i’ll have to check my part numbers when i get home and find out.

its a short in a harness i had one then my tail lights burnt out wasnt fun having a cop pull u over and tell u.