Dad went down yesterday!

Yikes, I hoped to never see this but My father went down on his bike yesterday. He dropped his bike at the stop sign down the road from my house so there was minimal damage to the bike and to him.

He’s okay, pulled hamstring from the weight of the bike and scrambling to get his foot out from underneath it. Apparently his shoe laces got caught around the gear shift and he couldn’t get his foot free to put it down on the ground.

For the riders on here, experienced and learning, proper foot wear is essential to your safety and well being on the road. Stay safe out there!

the good news is your fathers fall was a simple one, but one that does drive home the importance of safety while riding. hope all is well with Dad.


Thanks Rob!

He’s fine now, a couple days of sitting on the couch. He went to work this morning. Definately everyone needs to be safe out there riding. I myself have had two accidents, you learn from each one, but theres always the next one that could be the end.

holy crap man glad he is okay! :frowning: that’s a bummer though!

Glad he is ok and he didn’t get injured badly. Yes its a very dangerous sport and anything can happen at any moment in time. Think smart, be safe thats about all you can do.