Custom Stickers?

Would any of you be interested to purchase stickers that say “Zetec Squad” of “Zetec Squadron” they would look like these … ‘Squadron’ I cant get the link to work right…but just check it out :slight_smile:

Im trying to get to make custom stickers for us and I would like to be able to get to him with at least a few other people, as to make it more worth his while.

Anybody? They arent expensive and it would be a good way to rep your engine considering most of the car world is in love with hondas.

do U have the demo sticker image that you R talkin about?

^^^^ x2

^^^^ x2

Im working on it, Im thinking of having him make one that loooks like this, but have it say Zetec instead, of course it will come in other colors, I realize gold doesnt look good on most cars.

it will look fine on mine but i do have the ash gold