Custom racing seats.

Ok, I just got a pair of Otto-R racing seats and there is an issue. The seller forgot to mention that I may need brackets to mount these seats to the car. Whats worse is he says that each set is custom ordred and needs 2 to 4 weeks to make, and cost 160 bucks. :x Wonderful job eh? Anyways, he says that he knows the seats will fit Mustangs, and Focuses. That is a rather LARGE range of cars it can fit, so I may not need em. I hope. Does anyone know if the focus mounts match with ours?

Never mind. Situation resolved itself. Turns out the seats weren’t even in stock. He said he’d cancel the order and return my $. Then when they come in I can order the brackets and seats together with belt harnesses.

if im spending money on racing seats…its either gonna be Sparco or Bride.

Any particular reason? At this point I’m open to suggestions.

A LOT better quality…

Those seats look awsome, but the price is way out of my range. I drive over 55 miles each day, and a racing seat is also a higher level of comfort for me. I need SOMETHING. I might just have to settle for the ottos.


Hey wait, didn’t someone, roushzx2 mabe, say that the MX-3 seats fit our car’s brakets? That being said, any aftermarket seat for the MX-3 would fit too right?

presumably yes.

specifically its the mx-3 recaros that everyone is interested in getting a hold of.

Well, guess I’ll try and find out.

BTW Mark, did you know your close to a thousand posts?

yes, yes I did… This is offically my 1000th post!!!

Does this mean I need a life???

if you find some and want them recovered…