Curious, anyone here do Forza?

Anyone on here do Forza Motorsport on xbox? Was curious if anyone would be up for some matches this weekend :slight_smile:

I do!

I’m up for it. What are you running? Xbox Tag: MirrorGuardian

Nothing yet :wink: haha, i literally just got my xbox and will be registering tonight, want me to instant message you tonight?

I just got the XJ220 :slight_smile:

I won’t be home till midnight (Eastern Time)! I guess that would be 9:00pm for you. But sure. What’s your tag?

usually KoiHoshi, if it’s not taken (can’t imagine it would be).

Looks like you are NO SHOW…yeah…I wouldn’t want to race me either. lol

I don’t have Forza, but I’ve got NFS:MW and Halo 2

Tag: P00Head (zeros not o’s)

  • Darron

Ok…just sent you a friend request…Poping in NFSMW.

I play Halo 2 and Forza sometimes. I bet you can guess my gamertag. Hint, look at my SN here.

Sorry, my cat5 cable wasn’t long enough to route downstairs looks like i’ll have to crimp and make one tonight :frowning: i’ll race ye :slight_smile: